Dental Emergencies

Why Do You Need Service?

Dental emergencies can leave you in pain, feeling frustrated and creating a world of discomfort that gets in the way of having a productive day.

Unfortunately, emergencies can strike at any time, regardless of age. We offer emergency care for patients who are both new to our practice as well as existing patients. By having treatment provided for your emergency, it can help to prevent the problem from getting worse.

patient with severe tooth pain, this is considered a dental emergency. Contact our emergency dentistry in Alvarado immediately

Why is treatment of Dental Emergencies needed?

Forgoing emergency treatment can cause a smaller and more minor problem to get much worse. Rarely will dental problems go away on their own. A tooth that is only causing a slight toothache may become much worse over the course of days, weeks or months. It is best to reach out for help as soon as you notice there’s a problem to your dental health and well-being.

What are common Dental Emergencies?

We see many different types of emergencies in our practice. We can offer care to new and existing patients of all ages. Some common emergencies include:

Pain and discomfort

Infections and abscesses

Wisdom tooth discomfort

Gum bleeding and swelling

Broken, cracked or damaged teeth

Facial trauma

Post-op complications

Orthodontic emergencies

Broken, lost or loose restorations

What can you expect when coming in for a Dental Emergency?

Dr Patel, experienced emergency dentist in Alvarado, treating a patient with her dental assistant

We will begin your emergency appointment by asking a few questions.

Now is the time to tell us what’s wrong and what’s been bothering you. We take x-rays as needed to help identify the problem. Our doctor will then perform an exam to look for the issue and create a treatment plan as needed. If an infection is present, we may recommend antibiotics before any other type of treatment is done. Emergency care is important to your overall health. It is just as important to keep up with routine bi-annual exams and cleanings to help prevent an emergency from happening in the first place.

If you’re experiencing an emergency and need help right away, call our office and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.