Inlays and Onlays

What are Inlays and Onlays?

An inlay or onlay is a type of restoration that helps to protect your teeth and improve the look of your smile.

You can think of either of these restorations as a medium between a full dental crown and a filling. Inlays and onlays are larger and more durable than a filling, but they are smaller in size when compared to a dental crown. Inlays sit inside the cusps of a tooth while the onlay lays on the very top of the tooth’s crown.

What Are Inlays And Onlays

Why are Inlays and Onlays needed?

You might need an inlay or onlay if you have a large filling that needs to be replaced. You may need this restoration if a tooth has broken or chipped only at the very top. These restorations are made for each individual patient, so they always fit and feel comfortable. The procedure to place the actual restoration is easy and quick, and most inlays and onlays can last for decades before replacement is needed.

Who is a good candidate for Inlays and Onlays?

We will perform an examination to determine if and when you may need an inlay or onlay. If you have a larger filling, we may suggest replacing it with one of these restorations. The procedure is ideal for patients of all ages, and some even choose this option when compared to fillings because they’re more long-lasting. Inlays and onlays are tooth-colored so that they blend in well with the rest of your smile.

What happens during the procedure for Inlays and Onlays?

Procedure For Inlays And Onlays

We begin by removing any old filling material from the tooth.

If there is a break or chip, we’ll smooth it out before doing anything else. Impressions are then taken and used to create the new inlay or onlay. Once the restoration has been made, you’ll come back into our office so that we can place the actual inlay or onlay. Once it’s been placed, your new restoration can last for years with proper care.

If you think you might need or benefit from inlays or onlays, call us today and we will be happy to further assist you.