Dental Exams & Cleanings

What are Dental Exams & Cleanings?

Both cleanings and exams go hand-in-hand to improve overall oral health.

Exams allow us to check for problems before they’re allowed to get worse. Cleanings are essential in removing tartar, stains and buildup while caring for the health of your gums. You should be having cleanings and exams done every six months as part of a solid, comprehensive preventative care routine. Even if it’s been awhile since your last dental appointment, we offer care in a judgement-free, warm and inviting atmosphere.

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Why are Dental Exams & Cleanings needed?

An exam is performed by one of our doctors and helps to check for cavities, loose or broken restorations and other intraoral issues. We even check for oral cancer at most of your checkup appointments and can help in providing treatment as needed. Cleanings are performed by licensed hygienists who will remove any tartar and stains from the teeth. The gums are then checked for signs of both gingivitis and gum disease.

How often should you go for Dental Exams & Cleanings?

It is recommended that you have an exam and cleaning done every six months. With comprehensive care, we can prevent and care for your teeth more appropriately. In fact, every member of your family should be coming in for these bi-annual examinations and cleanings regardless of age. By keeping up with your oral health, we can prevent problems from developing or getting worse.

What can be expected with Dental Exams & Cleanings?

dental hygienist talking to her patient about dental cleaning and dental examinations

The appointment often begins with x-rays that allow us to look deeper into your oral health.

Our hygienist will then clean your teeth using special tools and check the health of your gums. Our doctor then comes in and performs an examination to look for cavities and other problems. After the cleaning and exam are done, we’ll create a treatment plan for you according to your own specific needs. The entire appointment takes less than an hour and ensures your mouth and teeth are in good health.

If you need an exam and a cleaning, call our office so that we can schedule you with a convenient appointment.