Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is ideal for removing stains and deep discoloration that are affecting your confidence.

Over time and with certain lifestyle habits, your teeth may begin to yellow and show signs of staining. Unfortunately, brushing and flossing alone often isn’t enough to remove these stains. This is why we offer professional whitening options that you can easily do in the comfort of your own home.

young female patient smiling after visiting our cosmetic dentist in Alvarado

Why is Teeth Whitening needed?

Your teeth can yellow and become stained for a variety of different reasons. Regardless of how often you brush and the type of toothpaste you use, you may still need and benefit from professional whitening. Some things that can affect the color of your teeth include:


Chewing tobacco


Drinking tea, coffee or soda

Eating staining foods (berries, chocolate)

Who is a good candidate for Teeth Whitening?

If you have a lot of restorations at the front of your smile, whitening may not be the best choice for you. Even professional whitening cannot change the color of fillings, veneers, crowns, or dental bridge work. Ideally, you shouldn’t have overly sensitive teeth when undergoing whitening, as it could make your issues worse. We will examine your teeth before any type of whitening treatment is recommended.

What happens during the process for professional Teeth Whitening?

Process For Professional Teeth Whitening at our cosmetic dentistry in Alvarado

We use a patented at-home kit that you can use to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own bedroom or bathroom.

We begin by taking impressions of your teeth and using these to create clear trays that will be worn over the teeth. We provide you with a whitening gel that is placed inside the trays and worn over your smile. We will instruct you on how long to wear the trays for optimal results. The great thing about these at-home trays is that whenever you need to touch-up your results, you just need to come in and pick up more whitening gel.

If you think you might need teeth whitening, call our office today and one of our friendly staff members can further assist you.