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Summer is one of the busiest seasons for dental emergencies in Alvarado. Not only are kids on summer break, but adults and children are more likely to participate in outdoor activities and recreational sports. As a result, they are more likely to be involved in situations where accidents, falls, hits, and other injuries occur frequently.

Summer usually brings an increase in dental emergencies at Lifeway Dental, including:

Toothaches: A severe toothache may indicate a serious problem. If your tooth pain prevents you from eating or going to work, we recommend that you see our emergency dentist.

Abscessed Teeth: Dental abscesses are not only painful, but the infection can spread quickly if endodontic therapy is not used (root canal treatment.)

Fractured Teeth: Broken or chipped teeth are extremely sensitive and require immediate treatment to prevent pain, further decay, and infection.

Tooth Avulsion (Knocked Out Teeth): While a knocked-out tooth cannot always be
saved, Dr. Patel will do everything possible to replace it. Endodontic treatment is
usually required.

Prevent Emergencies Before They Happen

Fortunately, the majority of dental emergencies are avoidable. In addition to maintaining your routine exams, it’s important to remember to wear your sports mouthguard whenever you are outside with the kids, on the trampoline, or doing your usual exercise routine.

Start flossing daily, even if you haven’t done so previously. Food can get lodged beneath the gums or between the teeth, where it can cause swelling and discomfort.

Popcorn kernels are a common example. Tie a knot in your flossing string and run it through your teeth from one side to the other to remove stuck-on food. Flossing is commonly thought to pull out dental work, but this is simply not true. If flossing moves a crown or filling out of place, it is already loose and will fall out. It’s not flossing that you have to worry about!

Treating Pain Until You Can See Our Dentist

In the unfortunate event that you do experience a summertime dental emergency, here are a few things you can do to reduce pain until you can visit our office.

Take ibuprofen (Motrin) or other over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication as directed.

● Every 20 minutes, alternately apply a cold compress to that side of your mouth.
● Eat on the opposite side of your mouth as much as possible.
● Rinse with warm salt water several times per day to aid in the removal of
infection and inflammation.
● Clean and floss around your gumlines on a daily basis, as this is where plaque
bacteria tend to congregate the most.
● Make your own “miracle mouthwash” without the prescription lidocaine for soft-
tissue injuries like rashes, ulcers, or trauma.

Please keep in mind that none of these do-it-yourself toothache/emergency dental therapies are intended to provide long-term relief. The goal is to relieve your pain until we can see you in our office.

Don’t Wait! Call Us Today

It may appear impossible to find an emergency dentist on short notice, but that is not the case at Lifeway Dental. Call our office right away if you need to see an emergency dentist.

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Brightening the color of your smile is an excellent way to improve its appearance or to kickstart your journey to a makeover. Professional whitening is an ideal choice if you simply want to make your teeth look better or if you need an affordable cosmetic treatment.

Are you considering having your teeth whitened but feeling a little unsure? At Lifeway Dental, we whiten hundreds of smiles each year for a variety of reasons. If you’re still debating the benefits and drawbacks of professional teeth whitening in Alvarado, consider the following four reasons before passing up the opportunity:

Before Restorative Treatments

Assume you’re about to get a new dental implant and crown to replace a missing front tooth. Or maybe you need a filling that will be visible when you smile and you want it to match the tooth around it. If you ever want to whiten your teeth, you won’t be able to do so unless you replace the dental work you’ve had done. Why? Because whitening products do not work on dental restorations.

Instead, it’s best to whiten your teeth professionally first, Dr. Patel can match the
material to the new luminance of your teeth. Your teeth will begin whiter, and you can
continue to whiten them over time.

Prior to a Smile Makeover

Are you ready for something dramatic, such as dental veneers, or to add bonding to uneven areas? We recommend that you whiten your teeth first.

Here’s why: teeth whitening complements other cosmetic treatments, and in some cases eliminates the need for otherwise unnecessary treatments. Perhaps you want a few teeth bonded but also whiter, so you choose veneers. Instead, you could combine professional teeth whitening teeth with a small amount of matched composite shaped over the problem spot. Generic Levitra for ED http://jerseycitypharmacies.com/levitra.html

As a Mini Smile Makeover

Brightening your teeth is an effective cosmetic treatment that can also be used as a stand-alone smile makeover. The best part is that it is quick, efficient, and inexpensive. If you aren’t ready to commit to gum recontouring, dental veneers, or bonding, teeth whitening is a great place to start.

Professional whitening costs a fraction of the price of more complex aesthetic procedures. So, if a major makeover isn’t in the cards right now, teeth whitening is probably still doable.

Your smile will be several shades whiter after treatment. We’ll show you how to keep the results and touch up your tooth color for months, if not years, after your initial treatment.

For Life’s Special Events

There’s a lot to be said about the appearance of your teeth. Indeed, studies have shown that people with whiter and more beautiful teeth perform better in job interviews, earn more money, appear happier, and have more friends.

If you’re unsure what to wear to your next business presentation or need a pick-me-up when it comes to dating, having whiter teeth may be the perfect accessory to bring along with you. Investing in whiter teeth is an efficient and cost-effective way to help you look your best when it counts.

Ready to Whiten Your Smile?

With just one visit to our office, you can have whiter teeth! Make an appointment with
Lifeway Dental in Alvarado today for a teeth whitening consultation.

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Tooth decay isn’t as threatening as it once was. In the past, most dentists treated cavities with typical amalgam (silver) restorations. Now, dentists can detect and treat with less invasive restorations that are safer for teeth.

Even so, most people have concerns about fillings or tooth decay in general. To help you prepare for your next appointment, we’ve produced a list of the most common things the team at Lifeway Dental wants you to know why you shouldn’t put off having an exam or treating that small filling.

Common Symptoms of Tooth Decay

Not everyone, or every tooth, will experience symptoms of pain when they have decay. If you have a toothache, you’ll know it. But other cavity symptoms might not be as obvious, including:

• Sensitivity to sweet foods or drinks
• Rough edges on your tooth
• Visible holes and discoloration
• Something simply feeling “off” whenever you bite down

Not All Cavities are Visible

During your exam, Dr. Patel may notice visible cavities. On the other hand, X-rays
are necessary for determining the depth of a cavity and screening for decay that’s between the teeth or below chewing surfaces, which cannot be detected with the naked eye.

Teeth Don’t Respond to Infection the Same Way

Cavities aren’t always painful, and every tooth responds differently. If food gets caught in your teeth, there’s irritation when biting/chewing, or you feel rough/sharp edges with your tongue, you might have a cavity and not know it just yet.

We can check for cavities between and inside your teeth where you might not otherwise see them, thanks to frequent checkups and taking occasional X-rays to screen for infection.

Cavities Will Gradually Spread

Cavities are caused by bacteria. Bacteria can travel from one tooth to the next if there is
an active cavity. This results in the formation of a new cavity in a separate tooth. Early
treatment can help avoid the formation of new cavities. If caught early enough, only a
small tooth-colored filling in one tooth will take care of the issue. Xanax without prescription http://medicalspecialistsoffairfield.com/xanax/

Minimally Invasive and More Affordable

At your appointment, Lifeway Dental staff will be happy to answer your questions. We’ll set your mind at ease regarding any treatment concerns you may have, as well as talk about which options are ideal for you. Our minimally invasive fillings are designed to fit your budget and preserve the maximum amount of tooth structure possible.

After your exam, you’ll be given a treatment plan that details the procedures and projected costs for restoring your smile. The earlier your tooth decay is fixed, the less money you’ll spend in the long run.

Schedule Your Consultation

Maintain the health of your smile for years to come. Make an appointment for a checkup twice a year. We’ll screen for early symptoms of tooth decay during your exam, giving you the opportunity to prevent cavities with proper home care and fluoride. If you have active decay, we can help you get ahead of it before severe problems arise.

If it’s been six months since your last dentist appointment or you suspect you have a cavity, call Lifeway Dental in Alvarado today.

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Are you having trouble sleeping? Does your partner or spouse complain about snoring and gasping for breath throughout the night? You could be suffering from obstructive or sleep-disordered breathing, a type of clinical sleep apnea.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)?

OSA refers to a specific type of sleep disorder caused by the obstruction of your airway at the back of your mouth due to your oral tissues.

If you have a large neck circumference, you are more likely to have your tonsils, tongue, soft palate, back of the throat, and tongue collapse in on each other while you sleep. This causes oxygen to stop flowing to your body and brain.

Sleep apnea can make you feel tired, but it can also contribute to heart disease and stroke. To determine if you have obstructive sleep apnea, you’ll need to have a sleep study conducted at home or in a clinic. We can also screen for oral symptoms during your dental checkup.

Sleep Apnea: Signs and symptoms

Dr. Patel recommends that you look out for these signs of obstructive sleep apnea:

● Snoring
● Fatigue
● Depression
● Weight loss
● TMJ pain
● Headaches or migraines
● Flat, chipped, worn teeth
● Broken dental work
● High blood pressure

If you do not seek professional help, the effects of sleep apnea can have a negative impact on your health, life, and body. Statistics show that people suffering from sleep apnea (or OSA) are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, strokes, or other types of heart disease.

How Can Lifeway Dental Help?

Traditional CPAP equipment works for certain types of sleep apnea, but it does have downsides. Many find that CPAP machines are bulky and loud, which can make it difficult for you to sleep in the position you prefer. Traveling with a CPAP machine can also be cumbersome. Some people complain that the noise bothers their spouse, roommates, or any other family members. Modafinil http://curtspharmacy.com/modafinil

Oral appliance therapy for OSA can be a very effective and minimally invasive way to stop sleep apnea from its source — your mouth. Once we have screened you for OSA and you’ve had a home sleep study to confirm your diagnosis, your physician can prescribe an oral device.

Oral sleep apnea appliances fit over your teeth like any other fitted mouthguard. These special sleep aids are a type of mandibular advancement tool that moves your lower jaw forward. In turn, it keeps your tongue away from the back of your throat. This allows you to lay down and sleep comfortably without the soft tissues at the back of the mouth collapsing against each other.

Although you can use oral sleep appliances in conjunction with your CPAP machine, many people find that they are able to quit using their CPAP completely.

Oral Sleep Appliances in Alvarado

If you aren’t CPAP-compliant or you find it difficult to wear, call Lifeway Dental in Alvarado today. We can perform an evaluation to discuss if an oral appliance could help you get a better night’s rest.

Regardless Of The Quality Of The

Regardless of the quality of the office and the atmosphere, most people simply do not like visiting the dentist.

It’s one of those times when people just want to get in and out as quickly as possible. We ensure that each of your appointments is as short as possible while still providing you with the quality care that you deserve. Our goal is to offer you dental care that easily fits into your schedule.

Expected With Dental Exams & Cleanings

How Long is the Average Appointment?

You can expect to be in the office for about an hour for most appointments. Some procedures take less time, like a simple filling or a bi-annual checkup and cleaning. However, the majority of appointments require that you stay in the office for up to an hour before the treatment is finished. This is why it is important to give yourself about an hour when scheduling an appointment with us. In order to make your time with us less stressful, give yourself enough time to come in and be seated while having the treatment done.

What to Expect

Each individual procedure will take a specified amount of time. We are always open and willing to discuss your appointments with you before coming into the office. If need be, we can even do certain procedures in two consecutive appointments so that they are more convenient for you. By giving yourself enough time to come into the office, you’ll find that your time with us is a lot less stressful and fearful. You will have more than enough time to receive the care that you need without having to be worried about the time. Cialis for sex https://peteruncagedmd.com/generic-cialis-20-mg-online/

The Importance of Routine Care

The Importance Of Routine Care

By coming into the office regularly, you can avoid long and inconvenient appointments.

Coming in for regular checkups and cleanings can prevent certain problems from developing or getting worse. This helps in keeping your dental care short and sweet when visiting the office, preventing the need for long and drawn-out visits. It is a good idea to give yourself about an hour whenever you are going to be visiting the office so that you have more than enough time to to receive the care that you will need to maintain a healthy smile.

If you are ready to come in for an appointment, call our office today and one of our friendly staff members can further assist you.

Products Not Designed For Teeth

Whitening can be an effective way of lifting and dissolving stains that are causing you to feel badly about your appearance.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for patients to try and use at-home products and methods without first consulting with a dentist. Some at-home methods are incredibly useful and work effectively, but some are downright dangerous and can actually damage your teeth over time. It is best to always avoid these methods and instead, speak with one of our doctors.

Blog Image

Overusing At-Home Products

We all want that picture-perfect smile that we can feel confident in showing off day after day. Unfortunately, natural teeth aren’t always perfectly white and may look yellowed or stained even with careful brushing and flossing. In this case, you may try to use whitening products at home too often. Overuse of these whitening products can eventually lead to sensitivity and cause a transparent look to the smile. It’s recommended that you only whiten your teeth no more than once a year.

Baking Soda

While baking soda may be recommended to remove surface stains and clear away discoloration, it’s incredibly harsh on the enamel of the teeth. Over time, regular use of baking soda can actually wear away this enamel, causing your teeth to become sensitive and more prone to tooth decay. What’s more, that aggressive scrubbing of baking soda probably won’t remove deeper or older stains from your teeth.

Fruit Acids

Many people try to use fruit and fruit acids to remove stains from their teeth. Lemon and strawberry are often recommended among those who are trying natural at-home methods to whiten their smile. Unfortunately, fruit acids can easily break down enamel, causing white spots to surface on the teeth. These weakened spots are more susceptible to tooth decay and can be unsightly on their own. Tramadol online https://www.evolutionsmedicalspa.com/why-you-should-buy-tramadol-online

Products Not Designed for Teeth

If you must use an at-home whitening product, make sure that it is specifically designed for use on teeth. While some methods may be tempting and promise fantastic results, it’s not always safe to use these products and they can do a lot of damage to your teeth. Another thing to avoid are ill-fitting trays and appliances, as these may unevenly whiten your teeth and cause a smile that is spotted and unsightly.

If you’re looking for professional whitening options, call our office today and we will be happy to further assist you.